Encage Consumers, Protect Your Brand

Sproxil Defender™

Protect consumers from fakes

The award-winning Sproxil Defender™ empowers consumers to avoid dangerous counterfeits using any mobile phone. Available by SMS, mobile app, voice and on the web, Sproxil Defender boasts the greatest number of verifications recorded.




Protect your consumers from harmful products using technology already in their pocket


Get precise location of fakes and stolen products in real time with anonymous tips from consumers at point of sale


Safeguard your brand from reputation damage and costly legal battles


Use crowd-sourced intelligence to sharpen your enforcement strategy


Comply with emerging market regulatory mandate


Through Sproxil Defender, a client was able to recover stolen products by identifying specific retail points that were selling the stolen products in just 3 days.

We depended on Sproxil to help us find stolen products in record time, boosting our investigation.

— Mr. Gagan Harsh, General Manager, BlissGVS