Encage Consumers, Protect Your Brand

Sproxil Ally™

Reward trade and channel partners for their loyalty

Trade loyalty solution for distributors and retail points to earn and redeem gratifying rewards for promoting your brands.




Map your complete supply chain from factory to consumer. Track your trade partners’ performance and identify new superstars


Discover new retail points and high-volume outlets and collect their contact information. Create a detailed contact database of all your trade partners, large and small


Communicate directly with your trade partners to equip them with the latest product news and promotions so they sell your products with a competitive advantage


Align your trade partners with your corporate strategy. Row in the same direction with your distribution network


Stop reward leakage by securely tracking all transactions and automatically blocking abusers


B2B loyalty leaders tend to grow 4 to 8 percentage points above their market’s annual growth

— Bain & Company