Sproxil Award-Winning Products

Smart solutions that help brands grow consumer trust by creating consumer loyalty while combating supply chain fraud.

Sproxil is a global leader in building trust across supply chains with solutions that emphasize consumer engagement. Our products are designed to meet your specific needs in multiple industries and markets around the world. 

Loyalty Rewards: Sproxil Champion™

A flexible point-of-sale consumer rewards solution with built-in fraud protection that empowers brands to offer consumers convenient opportunities to earn and redeem gratifying rewards from the brands they desire. Also available as a bespoke solution for distributors to help brands ensure distributors receive genuine products and earn rewards for their trust.

Product Protection: Sproxil Defender™

A point-of-sale product verification solution, empowers consumers to use their own mobile phone to instantly identify genuine products in the marketplace and grow the trust they have in their favorite brands.

Track & Trace: Sproxil Informer™

A robust track and trace system that helps brands secure and monitor their global supply chains, from the manufacturer through the warehouse to the retailer and all points in-between, with optional consumer engagement to provide true end-to-end security.


Leverage our expertise and success in emerging markets to strategize and execute on mobile-first brand protection and consumer engagement solutions. Get execution support to streamline even your most complex supply chain networks.

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