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Sproxil provides globally-unique codes for each product unit made by the drug manufacturer. Codes can be delivered as labels or pins. Codes are covered with a tamper-evident layer for additional security. Coded products are shipped through the distribution network to the point of sale. See more here


Timely and meaningful rewards can turn consumers into strong, loyal brand advocates. Sproxil Champion is a flexible point-of-sale consumer rewards solution with built-in fraud protection that empowers brands to offer consumers convenient opportunities to earn and redeem gratifying rewards from the brands they desire. Sproxil Champion is also available as a bespoke solution for distributors to help brands ensure distributors receive genuine products and earn rewards for their trust. See more here

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We partner directly with legitimate manufacturers and distributors to apply a special security label with a scratch-off panel to each product. At point of purchase, consumers will find the security label and scratch off the panel to reveal a unique, single-use code, which they then SMS text to us or use the Sproxil mobile app to verify products.


Electrical cables


Verify yours Electronics Originality by SMS!

SPROXIL Consumer Loyalty Rewards with Fraud Protection. This limits entries to consumers who make genuine purchases and detect fraud attempts in real-time. Timely and meaningful rewards can turn consumers into strong, loyal brand advocates. See here

Pharma OTC/Consumer


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With the recent rise in the production of agricultural products, the need for consumers to be protected is much needed and as such Sproxil has developed solutions to help combat counterfeiting in the agricultural landscape. See here


Sproxil Solution For The Global Market


Sproxil Informer: Track & Trace

Gain critical oversight on even the most complex distribution networks.


Sproxil Defender: Product Verification

Empower consumers to combat counterfeiting using any mobile device.


Sproxil Champion: Loyalty Rewards

Engage consumers with loyalty rewards & get valuable market insights.


Sproxil Ally

Trade loyalty solution for distributors and retail points to earn and redeem gratifying rewards for promoting your brands.