The Top Choice For Leading Brands

Securely Reward Loyal Consumers While Catching Counterfeiters


Sproxil Champion: Loyalty Rewards

Engage consumers with loyalty rewards & get valuable market insight


Sproxil Defender: Product Verification

Empower consumers to combat counterfeiting using any mobile device


Sproxil Informer: Track & Trace

Gain critical oversight on even the most complex distribution networks

Client Success

From multi-national businesses to local brands, Sproxil boasts a strong portfolio of brands in multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, electrical goods, and agri-business.

Globally Recognized for Mobile Innovation

Sproxil has received prestigious awards for its impact in anti-counterfeiting across emerging markets. As an industry leader in the mobile innovation space, Sproxil continues to pave the way for creative ways to create social impact.