Sproxil Informer™

Safeguard your products with optimized supply chain oversight.

Track and Trace Solution

Sproxil Informer™ is a robust track and trace system that helps brands secure and monitor their global supply chains, from the manufacturer through the warehouse to the retailer and all points in-between, with optional consumer engagement to provide true end-to-end security.

How It Works

Get real-time transparency throughout the supply chain and gain insight onto optimizing security, protection, and cost efficiency.

Client Success

Sproxil helped detect supply chain diversion, locate stolen merchandise, and coordinated with local authorities to assist in the identification and apprehension of thieves
— Sproxil Informer Case Study

Supply Chain Security

  • Tag Each Product With Unique, Item-Specific Codes
  • Get Flexible Tracking With Multi-Channel Verification
  • Customize Checkpoints & Authorized Users

Connected to Deliver Results

  • Partnered With WCO's IPM Global Network
  • Gain Compliance With Regulatory Serialization Laws
  • Officially Named A GS1 India Barcode Service Provider


Value-Added Services

Brand Protection Investigator

Stolen Product Investigator (SPI)

Protect your products against theft, compromise, & redistribution by alerting clients and engaging consumers to provide information on suspicious activity. Leads can fuel investigative and enforcement efforts.

Data Visualization Portal

Our technology collects valuable market data that can be analyzed to drive marketing strategies, target consumers based on purchasing trends, and monitor any instances of counterfeiting or theft.