Boosting Sales Through Consumer Engagement

Sproxil builds trust across supply chains with mobile technology solutions that emphasize direct engagement from the factory through to the consumer.

Our technology products allow brand owners to engage with consumers to earn and grow brand loyalty while protecting the brand from supply chain fraud, including counterfeiting and theft.

Over 50,000,000 Consumer Engagements

Sproxil celebrates its global leadership in consumer engagement, creating over 50 million direct consumer interactions for brands. Read more.

Securely Reward Loyal Consumers While Catching Counterfeiters


Sproxil Champion: Loyalty Rewards

Engage consumers with loyalty rewards & get valuable market insight


Sproxil Defender: Product Verification

Empower consumers to combat counterfeiting using any mobile device


Sproxil Informer: Track & Trace

Gain critical oversight on even the most complex distribution networks

The Top Choice for Brands Around the World


From multi-national businesses to local brands, Sproxil boasts a strong portfolio of brands in multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, electrical goods, and agri-business.

Globally Recognized for Mobile Innovation

Sproxil has received prestigious awards for its impact in anti-counterfeiting across emerging markets. As an industry leader in the mobile innovation space, Sproxil continues to pave the way for creative ways to create social impact.