Sproxil Defender™


The award-winning Sproxil Defender™ empowers consumers to avoid dangerous counterfeits using any mobile phone. Available by SMS, mobile app, voice and on the web, Sproxil Defender boasts the greatest number of verifications recorded.

Used on products made by leading multinationals:

Sproxil Defender, a point-of-sale product verification solution, empowers consumers to use their own mobile phone to instantly identify genuine products in the marketplace and grow the trust they have in their favorite brands.

How It Works

Help customers avoid knock-offs while building a foundation for making smarter, data-driven decisions.

Client Success

A Sproxil client reported a 1,000% Return on Investment with 10% increase in sales in just 3 months.

Since 2008, Glucophage sales had fallen by 75%, “more or less the main reason being counterfeit drugs,” according to Merck spokesperson Gangolf Schrimpf. After just 100 days of using Sproxil’s solution, Glucophage sales in Nigeria increased by over 10%.
— Mr. A. Usifo at Sproxil client BIOFEM

Protection for Brands

  • Protect Your Brand Reputation
  • Get Data For Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts
  • Connect Directly With Consumers

Peace of Mind for Consumers

  • Avoid Dangerous Counterfeits
  • Anonymously Report Suspicious Activity
  • Get Your Product Questions Answered

Value-Added Services

Call Center for Verifications
Data Portal

Local Call Centers

We provide assistance during the verification process, connect consumers to brands, and allow consumers to anonymously report suspicious activity. Major local languages are supported.

Data Visualization Portal

Our technology collects valuable market data that can be analyzed to drive marketing strategies, target consumers based on purchasing trends, and monitor any instances of counterfeiting or theft.

Stolen Product Investigator (SPI)

Protect your products against theft, compromise, & redistribution by alerting clients and engaging consumers to provide information on suspicious activity. Leads can fuel investigative and enforcement efforts.

Third Party Investigator (TPI)

Our call center agents follow up on all suspicious PIN responses in order to obtain more information about the associated products. Leads can fuel greater investigative and enforcement efforts.