Sproxil Champion™

Deploy mobile-first loyalty programs that set your brand apart from competition.

Sproxil Champion™ is a flexible point-of-sale consumer rewards solution with built-in fraud protection that empowers brands to offer consumers convenient opportunities to earn and redeem gratifying rewards from the brands they desire. Sproxil Champion is also available as a bespoke solution for distributors to help brands ensure distributors receive genuine products and earn rewards for their trust.

Used on products made by leading multinationals:

How It Works

Help customers avoid knock-offs while building a foundation for making smarter, data-driven decisions.

Client Success

Through Sproxil Champion, a client observed a twelve-fold increase in consumer engagements in just one month.

It is unbelievable! Almost immediately after the announcement of prize winners, we have experienced a surge in consumer use of Sproxil Champion, which translates to increased sales for us. The benefit and success of this first campaign was immediate; this is the first of many future sweepstakes
— Mr. K. Nwankwo at Sproxil client E. Sunny Vespa

Flexible Loyalty Programs

  • Create Points-Based Loyalty Programs
  • Give Single Purchase Rewards
  • Run Raffles & Sweepstakes

Great Engagement Drivers

  • Use Social  Referrals
  • Provide Free Messaging With Verification
  • Deliver Gifts On Customer's Behalf

Value-Added Services

Call Center

Local Call Centers

We provide assistance during the verification process, connect consumers to brands, and allow consumers to anonymously report suspicious activity. Major local languages are supported.

Data Visualization Portal

Our technology collects valuable market data that can be analyzed to drive marketing strategies, target consumers based on purchasing trends, and monitor any instances of counterfeiting or theft.

Stolen Product Investigator (SPI)

Protect your products against theft, compromise, & redistribution by alerting clients and engaging consumers to provide information on suspicious activity. Leads can fuel investigative and enforcement efforts.

Third Party Investigator (TPI)

Our call center agents follow up on all suspicious PIN responses in order to obtain more information about the associated products. Leads can fuel greater investigative and enforcement efforts.