Counterfeit products can harm consumers, damage a brand's reputation and lead to lost revenue. Sproxil Defender™, a point-of-sale product verification solution which uses mobile technology to combat counterfeiting and increase brand equity with innovative, consumer focused product protection and targeted marketing solutions. Its award winning mobile-driven authentication technology engages consumers at the point-of-sale to authenticate the product by sending the unique code which is printed on the product in a secure manner, and instantly verifies it. A verification response is immediately sent to the consumer to purchase the product with confidence or alert Sproxil about the suspicious product she has located.

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Features / Benefits

  • Easy to use Mobile based technology which can be used by masses.
  • Real time feeds on verifications and alerts if any suspicious product is located.
  • Strengthens brand reputation by protecting consumers from counterfeit products.
  • Augments sales by recovering market share lost to counterfeits and competitors

Awards and Recognition

Sproxil has received prestigious awards for its impact in anti-counterfeiting across emerging markets. As an industry leader in the mobile innovation space, Sproxil continues to pave the way for creative ways to create social impact.

Featured Clients

From multi-national businesses to local brands, Sproxil boasts a strong portfolio of brands in multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, electrical goods, and agri-business.

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