Sproxil Wins Prestigious 2019 WHO Innovation Challenge Placing

Clinches Top 30 Finalist place at the African Health Forum in Cape Verde, beating over 2,400 applicants from 77 countries.

Praia, Cabo Verde (March 19, 2019) - The World Health Organization (WHO) will present Sproxil, a product verification industry leader, as a top 30 finalist of the first-ever WHO Innovation Challenge. This takes place at the second WHO Africa Health forum in Praia, Cabo Verde, on March 26, 2019.

Sproxil, an early innovator in Africa's growing healthcare technology industry, will be recognized for its impact already created and its ability to scale up its innovative services sustainably.

"Sproxil is honored to receive recognition from the WHO. We have helped consumers and patients avoid suspicious products over 80 million times since we launched in Nigeria. With our growing businesses in Asia and Africa, we have gathered insights from business leaders across multiple industries,” Sproxil founder and CEO Dr. Ashifi Gogo said. “We are on track to launch a new set of advanced features this year that will bring even more peace of mind to consumers in emerging markets,“ he added.

Over 2,400 organizations and individuals submitted applications over a short four-week period. The competitive process reduced the list to 639, of which only 30 were chosen by an expert panel.

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa remarked, “the amount of response from the Innovation Challenge affirms the enthusiasm, especially among young people, to make a difference and contribute to the health care system on the continent. Health innovators have found a new home at WHO, where their innovative ideas will be supported in partnership with our network of stakeholders.”

WHO's first Innovation Challenge drew applications from 77 countries overall, with 57% of those submissions coming from African nations. Over a third of the entries were from women. The WHO plans to launch a dynamic virtual marketplace platform which will offer the world a unique opportunity to experience award-winning African innovations.


About Sproxil

Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil's solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing spend. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and can offer services in over 100 countries worldwide.

Sproxil has earned numerous awards and honors, including the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award, the 2013 White House Champions of change award, and the 2014 Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship award for Social Entrepreneur of the year. Sproxil was also named the most innovative healthcare technology company in the world by Fast Company Magazine, and #7 most innovative across all industries. 

Sproxil is the only consumer loyalty and brand protection expert with both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification. For more information and a full list of Sproxil's product suite, please visit www.sproxil.com.



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