Point Based Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have evolved to a new level of sophistication in 2018 and are expected to get even better in the coming years. Brands now use loyalty programs to gain relevant insight about their consumers, and this helps the brand create personalized brand experiences for them. With the right loyalty program and tools, brands can connect with their consumers at different touch points.

Consumer loyalty programs have moved beyond just offering rewards and have advanced over time to enable brands to engage their consumers on various communication channels actively. When done right, loyalty programs can help keep customers coming back for repeat purchases and can potentially turn them to advocates as well as attract new customers to your brand. If done wrong, it can leave a negative impression in the minds of your customers, scaring them away from your brand.

A point-based consumer loyalty program encourages consumers to purchase your products repeatedly. This structure is designed with the objective to increase customer retention and possibly lead to customer loyalty over time. With sophisticated loyalty solutions such as Sproxil’s, products purchased by the consumers come with unique identifiers or codes which consumers can text to the Sproxil’s short code to earn points, these points are then rounded up over a particular period. When a consumer acquires the desired number of points specified by the brand, they then get rewarded for achieving this.

Alternatively, beyond the accumulation of points, brands can specify the number of times a consumer needs to make a purchase for them to earn a reward. Such could be every 5th purchase or 10th or any number the brand decides to adopt. With Sproxil’s technology, this reward process is automated to enable brands run easy and convenient consumer loyalty program.

A point-based loyalty program is not a one size fit for all. Industries are different so also are brands and businesses different. Having an in-depth knowledge of your consumers will help in ensuring that you adopt the right consumer loyalty program that will yield the desired outcome. Sproxil consulting services will guide you as to what consumer loyalty will be suitable for your business and consumers.

Sproxil has helped multiple brands across Africa, Asia, and North America run successful loyalty programs that have made significant impact on their sales and revenue. Let’s help you build a yours today. Click here to contact us.