Consumer Loyalty Program – Fast Cables Company Deploys Sproxil’s Solution to Reward Loyal Consumer

Sproxil consumer loyalty solution enables brands to engage and reward their loyal consumers. This flexible point-of-sale reward solution with built-in fraud protection mechanism provides a convenient and effective way for brands to offer mouth-watering incentives to consumers for purchasing genuine products. Fast Cables Company leveraged this opportunity and decided to run a campaign to reward their consumers for being loyal. The campaign was tagged Fast Tasdeeq and the main prize was a brand new car. The Fast Tasdeeq campaign was open to all consumers of the Fast cable brand in Pakistan that verified genuine products. Mr Imtiaz from Faisalabad emerged the winner of the campaign as he had the highest number of verifications. Other prizes included motor cycles, refrigerators, mobile phones, etc.

 Mr Imtiaz from Faisalabad receiving his brand new car.

The campaign which commenced in March this year afforded consumers the opportunity to verify the authenticity of their cables for a chance to win prizes. Details of the campaign were publicized across the brand’s social platforms to reach more of its consumers. The campaign gained wide traction and consumers became even more interested. Sproxil received thousands of verifications from Fast Cables consumers from all over Pakistan. There was better brand awareness for Fast Cables products and as the campaign progressed more consumers both new and existing joined in for a chance to win.

 Simple verification process

Fast Cables saw an increase in sales during the promotion period as more consumers were engaged with the brand and purchased more products to increase their chances of winning. This enabled the company to gain additional market share during the promotion period and increased loyalty among its consumers.

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