Loyalty Partner of Choice for Leading Brands

Sproxil provides a convenient and effective solution for brands to run consumer acquisition and engagement programs. Our win-win model ensures that brands can run campaigns tailored to their exact promotional dynamics and in turn acquire new customers as well as increased revenue, while consumers on the other hand receive high-value rewards for their purchases.

We have partnered with multiple brands across various industries, in different countries to help grow their sales andincrease revenue. Sproxil operates a fully automated marketing system that uses SMS, mobile app, social media, and website channels to enable brands reach their target consumers anywhere and anytime.  

With over 80 million consumer transactions recorded on our portal which is the highest in our industry, and a team of experts across all critical functions in the organization, we remain the leading service provider of brand and consumer engagement programs. Sproxil has seen to the disbursement of consumer rewards worth millions of dollars, including a Mercedes-Benz, a Kia Salon car, mobile phones, airtime rewards, etc. We have over eight years of experience, and we are one of the most experienced providers of mobile-enabled consumer loyalty and trade loyalty solutions. 

Some of our clients include; 




Partner with us today to grow your sales through innovative loyalty campaigns that excite consumers and earn their long-term loyalty.