Sproxil’s Trade Loyalty Program to Boost Channel Partner Engagement

Sproxil launches its trade loyalty program to support business operations across all sectors. We understand the importance of trade and channel partners in today’s business world and the fundamental role they play in an organization’s business model. Their influence cannot be overlooked or ignored as they serve as the medium through which a company’s product reaches its consumers, making up the different touch points in a product supply chain.

The sales system typically goes through an intermediary, either small or big, and these intermediaries determine if your company’s product gets to the customers or not, and its availability per time. A classic example is a company that is looking to launch a new product (the company can be new or existing). Before getting to the consumers, the company needs to first introduce the product to its distributors and retailers who then introduce and promote the product to the consumers at the point of sale using marketing activation activities. Conversely, a company needing to boost sales of existing products and increase market share would also need to connect and engage with its channel and trade partners.

Sproxil’s Trade Loyalty program offers businesses a convenient way to connect and engage channel partners at every touch point. Our solution will:

  • Support marketing and sales efforts to boost revenue performance
  • Provide an end-to-end means for businesses to engage and reward their trade partners
  • Provide data on trade and channel partners for companies to make more informed and impactful decisions
  • Monitor trade activities conveniently without the need to be physically present in the market
  • Run targeted trade campaigns and loyalty reward programs.

The Trade Loyalty Program is a new offering within Sproxil’s award-winning product portfolio - Sproxil Champion which has helped brands - both multinational and indigenous, record significant marketing and sales success. The Sproxil Trade Loyalty Program is designed towards achieving high impact sales and revenue growth for businesses.

Are you considering a loyalty program to connect, engage and reward your channel partners? Contact us today.