Mobile Authentication Technology Offers New Hope for Consumers’ Health & Well-being

Counterfeiting is a global problem affecting consumers, brands and the governments. Brands lose billions of dollars in revenue yearly to counterfeiting activities, the same goes for the government who lose tax revenue to this activity and thousands of consumers die yearly from consumption of counterfeit products. Almost everything gets counterfeited, from drugs to food, baby formula, automobile parts, luxury items, etc. making it a growing concern for the global community. 


Mobile Authentication Solution (MAS) is a disruptive technology that is changing the game. Key players in product authentication like Sproxil have provided this technology for consumers, brands and other stakeholders to help mitigate counterfeiting. Sproxil, the pioneer of the anti-counterfeiting technology in Nigeria, has made this technology easily accessible to consumers and brands across the globe. Consumers can access this technology on their mobile phones as codes for verification can be sent via SMS, mobile apps, the web, etc. Mobile authentication technology provides immediate responses to consumer verification requests. 

This has brought about a new hope to the global community. Consumers can now get good quality products without fear of being tricked into purchasing products of inferior quality that may lead to disastrous outcomes. They can check to verify if the product is authentic at the point of sale, while brands can deploy this technology to check counterfeiting activities related to their products. With over 75 million consumer verifications recorded on Sproxil’s platform, the impact of this technology has been prominent in continents like Africa and Asia.
Sproxil has partnered with multiple brands to protect consumers and to ensure that the affected companies recover their lost market share from counterfeiters and regain consumers' trust.

We are firmly committed to providing innovative brand protection solutions for brands and consumers across the globe.







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