Case Study: Nigerian Beauty Brand Boosts Sales By Over 600% With Sproxil Champion

Case Study: Nigerian beauty brand boosts sales by over 600% with Sproxil Champion.
The unfortunate truth about brand infringement is that by the time the product owner realizes his brand is under attack, this attack is already well under way. By this time a portion of his revenue has been lost to the counterfeiter, as well as potential earnings from consumers who have deserted the brand due to bad experiences with the product.

When this happens, many companies turn to product verification solutions like Sproxil Defender. In some cases, the problem has to be managed discreetly; otherwise, paranoia about the existence of substandard copies of the product will lead to a mass boycott.
This is the beauty of the Sproxil Champion solution. The allure of guaranteed or possible incentives helps to propel the consumer past their initial doubt to give the product another chance to win their loyalty. Very often, this is all that is needed, as Mr. Emeka Okonkwo, the Nigerian distributor of Otentika; a Swiss  cosmetic brand found out. Within three months, sales which had declined to an occasional trickle were revived and boosted beyond his expectations. 

To read more about how Sproxil Champion helped Mr Okonkwo's business recoup market share and increase sales, download the case study here.