Event Retrospective: Sproxil India Hosts Clients, CEO and Partners to Conversation & Cocktails

At the heart of Sproxil’s mission is the desire to make lives safer, healthier, and business more profitable for hard working brands. We are committed to providing our clients with quality solutions, but also actively working to scale their value and impact, whether geographically or by incorporating industry feedback into our processes.

We’ve had a lot of external activity in the past few weeks, the latest of which was a cocktail event hosted by our Indian office. We’ve been busy lately – we recently opened an office in Mali which is our first entry into a French-speaking country.

In February, Sproxil surpassed the 50 million verifications mark, the highest number of interactions processed in our industry. As a consumer engagement company among other things, we know the value of the appreciating the clients who helped us achieve this feat. With an ever increasing customer base as we steadily advance towards the 75 million mark, Sproxil India wanted to celebrate our progress and discuss the future with its clients and partners. And so July 20th was set for a roundtable and cocktail event.

After guests had arrived at the venue, the Hyatt Regency in Mumbai, the event started with a welcome address from Sproxil’s CEO Dr. Ashifi Gogo. Dr. Gogo’s presentation was on the most recent developments in anti-counterfeiting space globally. The next presentation was by Pradeep Dhargalkar, the head of packaging development for Unichem Laboratories Ltd; a big pharmaceutical brand in India. Mr. Dhargalkar gave an overview of preventive measures in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The next industry speaker was Shreedhar Parundekar; Head of Brand Protection & Product Safety, for Pidilite Industries Limited, who shared insights on general brand protection strategies and intelligent packaging.  The final address of the evening was from Anand Mehta, Sproxil India’s managing director, who shared customer success stories achieved with our solutions.

After the presentations were over, guests were treated to a stand-up set by a comedian as well as dinner and cocktails. Then they took tours of the Sproxil Defender Experience Center, where they interacted with the solution at the various stages of the process.  They scratched labels of different genuine and fake products gotten from the market and received appropriate SMS responses to their mobile phones. Real-life images of exactly identical authentic & counterfeit goods were also displayed on a screen for them to observe. They were able to witness firsthand, how authentication labels are often the surest way to know the origin of a product before using it.

For the application stage, there were samples of semi-automatic packaging machines which could be used to apply labels to products, as well as demonstrations of other machines on one of the screens. Another screen was used to display the Sproxil data visualization portal.

Guests went home with a practical demonstration of Sproxil Champion; scratch cards with which they received vouchers for various services. It was an entertaining and informative event, and we would like to thank everyone who honored our invitation. For those who couldn’t, we took some pictures to share!