The road to 75 million verifications; India celebrates Sproxil

 Sproxil was founded in 2010 primarily to give pharmaceutical companies and consumers a way to fight back against counterfeiting. This simple system backed by sound technology was so well received that our solutions quickly spread from brand protection to consumer engagement technology, as well as supply chain security.

In the seven years since, our clientele list has grown from pharmaceutical companies to brands from all sectors. We have worked with local companies as well as blue chip multinationals worth millions of dollars. We have received numerous awards, recognition from international agencies, and we are immensely honoured by them.  One of our greatest achievements came this February, when we surpassed the 50 million verifications mark: the highest recorded. We are particularly proud of this milestone because of what it stand for; veritable proof that our solution continues to provide value. Each one of those interactions we have processed represents trust; of our clients in us, and their consumers in them.  

As we advance towards the 75 million mark, Sproxil India is taking a moment to celebrate the story thus far. On July 20th in India, business executives from various brands, as well as Sproxil’s CEO Dr Ashifi Gogo, will be hosted to a celebration of this milestone. Guests will be treated to discussions on brand protection best practices, a review of anti-counterfeiting and packaging solutions, as well as cocktails afterward. If you are in India and would like to attend this event, please send an email to