Global Anti-Counterfeiting & Consumer Engagement Company Set To Formally Commence Operations In Mali

 Hon. Minister of Agriculture (middle) presents plaque to CEO of Sproxil Mali's first client (left) with support from Sproxil CEO (right).

Bamako - Mali (July 11, 2017) – Sproxil®, a global leader in mobile-based brand protection and consumer engagement technology, is opening a country office in Mali. A two-day launch event will be held on July 11 - 12, to formally introduce its services to corporate entities and the government, as well as facilitate discussions on a cohesive approach to fighting counterfeiting.

Key executives in attendance will also participate in a workshop on the prevention of counterfeit and illegal agricultural and pharmaceutical products. Panelists will include representatives from agricultural input suppliers and other companies, the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), and USAID, who are partnering with Sproxil to launch this initiative. This project is one of the results of an initiative led by the Commercial Law Development Program at the US Department of Commerce to prevent counterfeiting on a global scale.


“The only person who wins when fake and substandard goods are passed off as original items is the criminal. We are excited to extend our mandate of consumer protection to Mali. Our solution will empower consumers to confirm the authenticity of their purchases and provide brand owners the opportunity to take hold of their businesses” said Chinedum Chijioke, Managing Director, Sproxil, Africa. 

Speaking of USAID's motivation for partnering with Sproxil, Charles Davis, the acting USAID/Mali Economic Growth Office Director noted that, "counterfeiting is a major deterrent to the uptake of improved agricultural inputs, and we believe in the potential of this partnership solution to mitigate this danger."

Although illegal and counterfeit agricultural inputs are the focus of the workshop, Sproxil’s verification service can be used by brands from any sector.  With a mobile phone, Malian consumers will now be able to verify the authenticity of their goods in seconds, by sending the unique codes on the products to Sproxil’s designated verification system.  Since the launch of this service in 2010, Sproxil has fielded over 50 million direct consumer interactions for brands globally, the highest number recorded.

About Sproxil

Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil’s multi-award winning solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing expenditure. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and can offer services in over 100 countries worldwide. Sproxil is the only consumer loyalty and brand protection expert with both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification. For more information and a full list of Sproxil's product suite, please visit www.sproxil.com.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the United States Government agency which is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. USAID’s global mission isto partner to end extreme poverty and to promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing the security and prosperity of the United States.” USAID has worked with the people of Mali for over 50 years to achieve major development gains, particularly in the fields of health, agriculture, and education. The Sproxil Public Private Partnership is supported through the Feed the Future Initiative, which is led by USAID and draws on the agricultural, trade, investment, development and policy resources and expertise of 11 federal agencies.

About CLDP

Established in 1992, CLDP is a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce that helps achieve U.S. foreign policy goals in developing and post-conflict countries through commercial legal reforms. CLDP’s unique, government-to-government technical assistance draws upon highly-experienced regulators, judges, policymakers, business leaders and attorneys from both the public and private sectors to deliver results that make meaningful and lasting changes to the legal and business environments of our host countries.



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