Loyal Consumer wins Mercedes Benz With Chloride Exide

Sproxil Champion offers brands a chance to engage their customers  by rewarding them as well as ensuring they purchase genuine products regardless of the industry. Chloride Exide took advantage of this unique opportunity and decided to run a campaign to reward their consumers for being loyal. The main prize for the campaign was a brand new Mercedes Benz and was open to all consumers of the Chloride Exide brand in Kenya that verified genuine products. There were also consolation prizes of airtime, fuel cards and cash. 

There were a number of participants in this 3 month campaign which resulted in 65 people winning airtime daily, 13 people winning fuel cards weekly, 3 people winning cash prizes monthly and the grand prize of a mercedes benz that went to one person. The lucky taxi driver Mr Kibe in Kenya scratched and verified a genuine product and won the Mercedes Benz. 

Chloride Exide saw an increase in sales during the three month promotion period as more consumers were engaged with their brand and purchased more products to increase their chances of winning. There was better brand awareness during this period as consumers that were not already customers for this company began purchasing their products for a chance to win. This enabled the company gain additional market share during the promotion period and increased loyalty amongst its consumers. 

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