Differentiate your business with Technology

Every business that wants to stand out from the crowd does so with technology in todays world. Whether its a little tweak to your sales process or an internal Human resource tool, more and more businesses are looking to technology to help ease their processes or even provide them with a competitive marketable edge in their industry. 

Imagine in your industry, a wave of counterfeiting has hit like it has in the Nigerian cosmetic space, how does your business stay competitive and protect its consumers? Solutions like the Sproxil Champion product enable businesses fight the issue, stay afloat and infuse technology into their processes for better efficiency. How do we mean? The Sproxil Champion product has two sides to the technology. There is the anti-counterfeiting feature and the loyalty marketing feature.

Take for example a cosmetic company called "X Cosmetics" is facing counterfeiting challenges and is experiencing loss in consumer trust in the product, the Sproxil Champion is a solution that can help bring back that consumer and also possibly bring more consumers in the process. X cosmetics reaches out to Sproxil to install the Champion feature on their product and they agree to reward their customers for purchasing with airtime or physical gifts, this not only serves as a marketing campaign for the product, it also weeds out the counterfeit versions automatically from the market. Consumers will be made aware to look out for the label which means the products without labels do not move in the market. Consumers that probably did not purchase the products previously, see the promotions and want to take part in it. This enables the business regain lost market share, gain new market share, restore confidence in their products and most importantly increase their bottom line. 



Once great branding and hard work has been put behind your product, be rest assured that counterfeiters will want to capitalize on your success. To ensure this is not the case with your brand, contact us to discuss about the Sproxil Champion product