Niger Delta Development Forum 2016

According to their website, the Niger Delta Development Forum "envisions a Niger Delta where all persons are able to live sustainable livelihoods, generate income and employment, and create economic opportunities unhindered by constraints from within and outside the market system in the region and beyond."

The NDDF is not just talking about it, they have been taking strides to ensure that adequate structures are put in place to make their vision a reality. One of such strides is their annual conference home and abroad hosted in several regions to facilitate discussions, share ideas and look for creative ways to execute the ideas shared. 

Key stakeholders from the region and partner organizations are invited to attend this event to share creative solutions to the problems in the Niger Delta region in Nigeria. The theme this year was  focused "Towards Self-Sustaining Development in the Niger Delta: Narrating and Showcasing a Re-Imagined Niger Delta" A representative of Sproxil was invited to speak on the topic "Economic Diversification and the Digital Economy." 

Atim Ukoh, who handles the marketing communications for Sproxil spoke extensively on how the Niger Delta could benefit from the Sproxil solution. Citing examples of Sproxil projects in other parts of Africa, stakeholders were convinced that the purposeful inclusion of technology early on in the process of diversifying the economy would make their approach more targeted and yield more efficient results. 

Great ideas were generated and new relationships were built. We are glad that Sproxil would be included in the beginning processes of developing the Niger Delta economy of Nigeria beyond Oil. For more information about the event, check out the NDDF website.

Check out some images from the event as seen on the NDDF site.