How to Boost End of Year Sales with Loyalty Marketing

The ember months are upon us and these are the months that are notorious for consumer spending. Maybe your sales plateaued in the summer months and you are looking to boost sales again during the ember months. What is your company doing to make this happen? Has your company drafted a campaign strategy to ensure consumers are spending on your products and not the competition? How does your organization distinguish their brand within this frenzy? Ensuring your products are in hampers are great but offering consumers a little more will certainly get their attention during this period. 

First you would need to define the objectives for your company and to do this you would need to take into account the current economic situation in your country. What are the current spending habits? What are the trends your company can capitalize on? These questions and many more would help you define realistic objectives and set realistic goals. 

After analyzing your current situation, defining the strategy that would best serve your target market is the next step. Is your company trying to raise brand awareness at this point or just trying to clear the inventory in the warehouse? These goals would determine the strategy of the marketing. For example, if you are trying to clear inventory, you may want to offer a 2 for 1 pricing strategy to get consumers to buy the products off the shelf and possibly clear your warehouse. 

The next step would be to decide on the best tactics to use to achieve the objectives for boosting end of year sales. As mentioned in the earlier example, you may decide to offer consumers a 2 for 1 pricing model and advertise this on radio, TV or online. Your strategy could be to reward consumers with airtime when they purchase your products in which case you can purchase labels to reward consumers using the Sproxil Champion program. That way consumers can be instantly rewarded with airtime straight to their mobile phones. These are some tactics to apply to win consumers loyalty during this end of year marketing frenzy period. 

The end of year marketing plan on your end needs to be solid to achieve positive results. What plans have you made so far? Have you made plans in the past? Did they work for you?