Counterfeit Auto & Motor Part Sales Booming in Pakistan

Fraud protection company, Sproxil partners with Briter Engineering Company to protect Pakistani consumers from purchasing dangerous counterfeit parts for motorbikes & cars.

Boston, MA (23 June 2016) – Sproxil®, a mobile-based fraud prevention platform and consumer engagement technology, has partnered with Briter Engineering Company. Briter Engineering is a manufacturer of motorcycle parts and this partnership is to help eradicate counterfeiting of motorcycle and automotive parts in Pakistan.

The global counterfeit auto part industry alone is valued at about $12 billion a year, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Criminals target unsuspecting consumers who don’t have a deep knowledge of auto parts and small repair shops that see the cheaper parts as an asset to their bottom line.

The market for counterfeit auto and motorcycle parts is booming in Pakistan and around the globe,” says Omar Farooq, CEO of Briter Engineering. “Unless you’re an engineer, it’s incredibly difficult to discern between knock offs and genuine parts.

Counterfeit parts may appear to be cheaper, but they end up costing customers more, because often they do not last as long and can even put people in danger,” says Sproxil founder Ashifi Gogo. “By ensuring that genuine motorcycle parts are present in the Pakistan market, we’re not only saving consumers money, we’re helping saving lives.”

As one of the leading suppliers for motorcycle assemblers, Briter is a prime target and has seen counterfeit versions of their parts penetrating the market rapidly. They partnered with Sproxil to put a stop to the circulation.

Pakistani consumers will now be able to verify a product they have purchased as a Briter original. They will do this by sending an SMS, using Sproxil’s consumer verification mobile app. They can also verify online at (An estimated 80 percent of Pakistani consumers use mobile devices.)

This is Sproxil’s second auto-related fraud prevention project in Pakistan. In August 2015, they partnered with Western Exports (WE), a manufacturer of high-quality automotive parts, to help differentiate their piston and ring products from counterfeited parts.

“We established the Pakistan operations in response to the growing demand of consumers who want assurance that the products they are purchasing are genuine,” explained Ashifi Gogo, CEO at Sproxil.

In India, as much as 45% of motor bike parts and accessories sold are fakes, according to The Daily Pakistan, and their proximity to Pakistan makes the a prime target for counterfeit criminals looking to distribute and sell their knock-off products. In Australia, Toyota launched a campaign to prevent the sale of brake pads containing Asbestos and, including a Twitter campaign warning consumers of the dangers of counterfeit auto parts.

The most common fake parts manufactured include clutch, filters, lamps wipers, bearings, steering arms, brakes and brake linings and are available for a range of vehicles including two-wheelers, cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles (trucks and buses), according to the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA).

While China is the largest manufacturer of counterfeit auto parts, Pakistan and other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, India and Uruguay are also major producers and exporters of counterfeit goods,” the report notes.


About Sproxil

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About Briter Engineering

Briter engineering fighting counterfeit auto

Briter Engineering Co Pvt Ltd. was set up in 1987. It was set up at Kot lakhpat with electroplating services and bicycle wheel rims manufacturing being its primary activity. Over the years, the company has established itself as one of the leading vendors for motorcycle assemblers. In 2003, the company expanded its operations. It moved it to a new state of the art facility in Kahna Kacha with manufacturing & storage floor space of 400,000 sqft. An additional 600,000 sqft is available for future projects of joint ventures. Please visit

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