Value proposition of Mobile Authentication Services

Mobile Authentication Services stormed the emerging nations approximately 6 years ago to provide a solution to counterfeiting. In 6 years, lessons have been learned, problems have been solved and even new businesses have resulted from this initial idea.Sproxil entered emerging markets initially to solve the problem of counterfeit drugs as this was very prevalent. Lives were being lost due to the consumption of these drugs. People were developing resistance to the drugs they were taking because they did not have the right amounts of active ingredients or some were just outright harmful.

Sproxil as well as other mobile authentication service providers developed a solution of placing labels on these drugs so consumers could scratch and text the unique pin to a short code to verify the drug was genuine. This simple technology application resulted in overall positive results in communities. Acumen, one of Sproxil's partners recently conducted a survey asking people in a community to indicate how the introduction of Sproxil had helped them and they had the following results.

  • 53% of people indicated recovery from illness which would otherwise have not been the case
  • 31% indicated ability to detect fake products
  • 14% said they had peace of mind when consuming the drugs and felt a sense of safety
  • 2% gave other reasons

sproxil mobile authentication services

Following the success in the pharmaceutical, mobile authentication services have expanded into other markets. Agricultural products, cosmetics, food and beverages are all industries that have suffered the plague of counterfeiting so companies like Sproxil went into the market with a new product that embodies the mobile authentication service but takes it a step further to enable companies not only protect their brands but increase sales as well. The Sproxil champion product was introduced as a solution to this problem. Using this product, brands can apply the labels on their products as a way for consumers to verify the product they have purchased is genuine but also the brands can run promotions on those products. With the promotions, brands can gather more data on their consumers and market to them more efficiently, they weed out counterfeiters using this service and recover market share.

The value propositions are endless with this simple technological application. As a brand regardless of the industry you play in, there are solutions to protect your products, increase sales, recover market share and also receive positive feedback from your consumers.

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