The Role of Health Professionals in Preventing Counterfeit Drugs

The penetration of counterfeit drugs in the Sub Saharan African market has experienced a significant decline according to the regulatory authorities especially in Nigeria called NAFDAC. [ Peoples Daily NG]  This is as a result of the awareness that has been created about the problem, the implementation of technological solutions like Sproxil and the awareness of the presence of the solution. The power of creating awareness is sometimes underestimated by stakeholders. Given the situation of counterfeiting, it has proven to be an effective method of eliminating the problem in conjunction with other solutions.One of our esteemed partners at Sproxil, Acumen recently conducted a survey to evaluate customer feedback and understand the depth of the impact Sproxil has made. Their questions ranged from understanding how they heard about the Sproxil service to the translated benefits of using the service in their homes. The results were astonishing. 50% of respondents mentioned that they heard about the Sproxil service from their doctors and pharmacists., 17% said radio, 16% said family & friends etc.

health professionals prevent counterfeiting

The results of this survey shows that the health care professionals play a significant role in eliminating the use of counterfeit drugs in the society in which they live in. If a consumer walks into a drug store and wants to buy an anti-malarial drug, the pharmacist hands it over to them. The next step is for that pharmacist or health professional on duty to notify the consumer about the importance of verifying their drug before consumption. That way, the consumer is aware of the possibility of counterfeit versions of that drug and would always ask to scratch a label before purchasing. They are also subconsciously aware of the solution that exists to combat this problem. Which then makes them inform that family and friends and the chain of awareness is created.

How have you been creating awareness in your community about the dangers of counterfeit drugs?