How to get products off the shelf

The number one question that companies ask the marketing and sales department is "How to get products off the shelf?" This question translates into how do we improve our sales performance and generate revenue for the company? If your company is facing this, you are not alone. For countries in subsaharan Africa, this is a pressing question especially because of the tough economic situations they are facing. Prices of goods have gone up due to the unstable economy and consumers are bearing the brunt of this situation. How do you convince a consumer that was not loyal to your brand initially to switch to your product in these turbulent times? Especially if they do not consider your product a necessity in their lives? Here are some interesting tactics to improve sales performance of your products.

How to get products off the shelf

Play on consumer's current needs

Emphasize the benefits of the products you are offering, how it solves their problems and helps them reduce cost. This can be done through a campaign where you highlight what you feel your consumers are more likely to respond to. Creativity plays a key role in executing this type of campaign as consumers are money conscious at this point.

Offer Incentives

Yes, the consumer may not be a current user of your products but you can offer incentives to lure them to use your products. Some companies provide bundle packages just to increase sales of their products. They find a complementary product to their brand, partner with the brand owner and run a unique promotion campaign offering the consumer more of an incentive to purchase their product.

Focus on keeping your customer for life

These new consumers have now purchased your product but what are you doing to stay in constant contact with them? How are you engaging them so your brand stays top of mind for them? For example; if you run a Sproxil Champion promo campaign for your customers, they scratch to verify the genuineness of their product and also stand a chance to win a gift, their information is stored in the Sproxil backend and you can engage your consumers long after the promotion is over. You can provide tips, offer discounts to consumers that have purchased and verified multiple times etc. This is more effective in constantly getting your products off the shelf because you have built a stronger relationship with your consumer.

The stronger bond you build with your customer, the more loyal they remain to you and the more products they buy from your brand which removes them from shelves and results in profits for your organization. Contact us to discuss other creative strategies you can use to run a campaign that would get your products off the shelf.

how to get products off the shelf