4 Basic Customer Expectations of your Brand

Customer expectations have evolved in more recent years. The more educated your customer is, the more expectations they have of your brand. Companies no longer have the luxury of hiding behind a generic brand message. They can no longer over promise, under deliver and not face the consequences of their actions. Consumers are reading, cross checking and peer reviewing so it is only natural that their level of expectations are more sophisticated than before. How do brands catch up? How does your brand know what customer expectations are?

4 Basic Customer Expectations

  • Transparency What you have is what you should sell. No matter what your competitors are selling, do not try to over promise and under deliver. It backfires on your brand. Clearly state your accurate delivery dates, be transparent about the amount of products you have available to avoid running out of stock. This creates a culture of trust with you and your customers. It builds a base of loyal customers who will always support your brand and defend it when necessary.
  • Personalization Don't you hate it when you get a very generic message that seems like it was forwarded to a million people without you in mind? That is exactly how your customers feel. If you run a Sproxil Champion campaign for your brand, it is important that when reaching out to these customers again, you send relevant messaging. You may not be able to gather everyone's name but there should be a common theme with the group of people you are sending information out to. Targeted messaging is the new way to market in today's world.

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  • Flexibility As a brand, you may sometimes need to consider flexibility over efficiency when dealing with customers. Customers expect efficiency in all your processes yes! but they also expect that you may customize your processes to fit their needs. This still ties into personalization. Your brand must be flexible enough to handle their demands as they come up with reasonable dealings.
  • Light but Constant ContactCustomers will never tell you that they want to constantly hear from you. They however do. It may not be in an aggressive way but in subtle non-intrusive ways. As long as the information you intend to provide is relevant, you should engage with customers beyond the point of purchase. This would also be a great medium to inform people of updates to your products and services. These light contact points also translate to increase in sales as you stay top of mind with your consumers. Bi-weekly text messages containing useful tips sent through the Sproxil Champion platform is an example of how to stay in touch. You can also target them through social media.

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Customer expectations are increasing these days and Sproxil is listening and assisting businesses implement these expectations in their business processes. Talk to us and let us work with you to take your business processes to the next level. Send an email to team@sproxil.com or ng.sales@sproxil.com