Sproxil to combat counterfeit drugs in Pakistan

If you have been paying attention to the news, you would have noticed the growing problem of the market of counterfeit drugs in Pakistan. The issue is a complex one as it involves several layers of corruption. These layers range from the lucrative industry of the actual counterfeit drugs to the fake dentists and doctors that prescribe and sell these drugs to the unsuspecting individuals. [Source: Al Jazeera]In 2012, Sproxil wrote a blog post that talked about the issues of substandard drugs in Pakistan. There was a case of counterfeit cardiac medication being dispensed that led to hundreds of casualties in Pakistan.  Fast forward to 2015, and Sproxil launched operations in Pakistan in response to the growing demand of consumers who wanted assurance that the products they purchased were genuine.

Recently, Sproxil has taken even more strides to connect with key stakeholders in Pakistan and one of such recent meetings was with Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a Pakistani Politician who is also a philanthropist, a cricket commentator amongst other things. In 2012, he was ranked the third on the list of the top nine world leaders by Global Post. He has also received prestigious awards from the Asia Society, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Asian Sports Awards and a host of others.

Imran Khan Sproxil Pakistan

With the discussions had with Imran Khan, we hope to expand our presence in Pakistan to key organizations that need our services so we can work together to eradicate Counterfeit drugs in Pakistan. We also hope to work with the appropriate authorities to minimize the level of corruption in the system through the technology that we have. If you live in Pakistan, look out for the Sproxil labels on your pharmaceutical products and be sure to scratch, text and verify the product you are about to consume to prevent counterfeiting.


Imran Khan counterfeit drugs in pakistan

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