Can Technology enhance your Supply Chain Management?

How do you improve productivity and simplify supply chain management in today's world? The simple answer is technology. The complex answer is the method of technology application. Supply chain management involves effectively coordinating a network of people and processes. This ensures that the product travels from the manufacturer to the end user for who it was intended. If the process is disrupted through theft, inefficient management of resources and even lack of productivity, this causes problems for the company. The bottom line is disrupted, consumers lose trust and human resources in that economy are affected. If your company is facing issues of theft, productivity and efficient processes in it's supply chain, the time to start exploring technological solutions to this problem is now.These days, consumers are more aware and educated in general about their purchases. Logistics companies have made this process more transparent. They have streamlined the serialization process which enables consumers track their orders. This improves communication from the retailer to the consumer and overall the communication across the supply chain.

Three ways Technology can improve supply chain management

Information management improves

From the manufacturers to the end consumers, everyone has adequate information about what is going on with their orders. In the case of counterfeit products, using the Sproxil Informer, manufacturers are able to decipher when their products have been stolen. They can also detect when counterfeiters are intercepting their supply chain.

Provides Insight

This information gathered as raw data can be analyzed for future processes. For example, If it takes three weeks to deliver to a new location due to regulation, this information is harnessed by the supply chain manager. This enables them plan ahead for the next order to that location.


Depending on the country your business operates, there are serialization laws you must comply with. Serialization technology not only allows for flexible tracking, information management and insights but also compliance with regulatory bodies.

technology enhance supply chain management

Technology collects valuable market data that can be analyzed to drive marketing strategies, target consumers based on purchasing trends, and monitor any instances of counterfeiting or theft in addition to things mentioned above. The Sproxil Informer is an easy technology to integrate into your current supply chain with it's amazing features. Contact Us for more details about it.