Three Benefits of a Scratch, Text and Win Promotion

Scratch, Text and Win promotions have fast gained popularity in the corporate marketing world. With dwindling sales and bad economic conditions, companies are getting creative in how they increase sales, increase bottom line and constantly engage their consumers. Scratch text and win promotions have become a proven concept in loyalty marketing and companies are looking to incorporate this into their marketing mix.Before jumping on any bandwagon, you need to understand why it has been done, are there any examples of success stories? These are necessary questions to evaluate before you stick a scratch label on your product. Here are three reasons why Scratch, text and win promotions work.

Benefits of Scratch, Text and Win Promotions

Consumer Emotions

Consumers are known to make purchase decisions based on logic and emotions. If your product is a logical factor in their lives, they will buy it. if your campaign appeals to their emotions, they will also buy your product. Scratch, Text and Win campaigns play on the emotions of the consumer. For example, if you are selling baby products and you run a campaign for mothers to win a year's worth of diaper supply, you are appealing to all kinds of emotions with that mother. They will likely purchase several products to increase their chances of winning a year's worth of diaper supply as that is a major expense in her baby budget.


If you have been paying attention to marketing discourse in recent times, you would have seen the term gamification appear. This simply means turning projects into games. In this case, marketing promotions are turned into games. The appeal of a game is higher for consumers as it creates suspense and a high level of excitement at the possibility that they might win. This keeps them coming back to purchase more to increase their chances of winning.

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Data Collection

In this day and age of severe counterfeiting efforts, companies are looking for creative strategies to protect themselves. If you run a Sproxil Champion promo that enables you collect data about your consumer, you are likely to run more informed and targeted campaigns for them. This Sproxil Champion promo also helps the consumer verify the product as genuine, which eliminates counterfeiting from your supply chain and it becomes a win-win for everyone.

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