Sproxil's New Management Team

Happy New Year from Sproxil! Sproxil has some exciting changes for the upcoming year, and in this post, we would like to highlight our new Management Team.After six years of work as our CFO and Strategist, Alden Zecha has taken an academic position at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. For the next year, Alden will be the first Executive-in-Residence at their Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE). As the Executive-in-Residence, Alden will be mentoring Fuqua students and contributing to CASE initiatives. You can watch his CASE Chat on trends in social entrepreneurship, scaling, and the significance of relationships with investors here. Alden will still remain with Sproxil as one of our Directors.

Sproxil’s new Management Team consists of six managers with diverse backgrounds, including experience in government, technology, big business, and small business.

ashifi gogo sproxil management team

Ashifi Gogo founded Sproxil in 2009 and serves as our CEO. As a result of Ashifi’s leadership, Sproxil developed its award-winning Sproxil Defender™ technology that consumers use around the world to verify product authenticity.


Laurence Huntley is Sproxil’s Vice President of Global Growth, overseeing our expansion efforts, identifying reseller relationships and managing growth goals around the world.


Jennifer Campos is our Director of Service Innovation, which includes directing global operations, designing and developing new service offerings, enhancing implementation options, ensuring client satisfaction and championing quality assurance.


Christopher Chase is Sproxil’s Software Engineer, managing Sproxil’s cloud architecture, information security management systems, developing security and verification software and overseeing technical projects.


Gregory Lavoie is our Global Finance Director, responsible for all accounting and finance functions at Sproxil, Inc. and directing a global finance team for Sproxil’s subsidiaries around the world.

charles zamora






Charles Zamora is Sproxil’s Director of Global Talent and Administration, which includes overseeing our corporate talent and administrative matters in the U.S. and providing support across all of our operating countries.

To learn more about our Management Team, Directors, and Advisors, click here.