Mechanics and Fake Auto Parts

Have you ever gone to the hospital and come out worse off than when you first got in? That happens to us sometimes when we take our cars to the auto repair shops and expect it to come out brand new but it comes out with fake auto parts that damage your car. Sometimes the mechanics mean well. You go to them with a problem with your car and based on the knowledge they have, they try to rectify your problem but they end up causing more damage than they intended. This damage is as a result of the fake auto parts that they have sourced. The cost of operation for an auto repair shop depending on the country they are located can sometimes run high. In order to reduce cost, they source substandard or outright counterfeit auto parts as this helps them keep costs low and profits high. We have to ask ourselves the important question: “these low costs come as a cost to who?”

The mechanic may end up getting repeat business as a result of the substandard goods. However is this the type of repeat business they accounted for? Whatever the case, the consumer ends up getting the shorter end of the stick which may result in more costs to the consumer because they end up coming back for more repairs. This method of cutting corners on the part of the mechanic by providing fake auto parts could also be fatal to the consumer as bad products could result in accidents.

What can consumers do to prevent fake auto parts in their car?

  • Enquire about the details of the issue of your car before giving your approval of the repair of the car. Seek a second opinion to ensure the same issue has been identified.
  • Ask detailed questions about what parts are required for the repairs so you can independently source for these products.
  • Insist on going with the mechanic to a trusted auto dealers shop to purchase the necessary parts. When at the store, be sure these parts are genuine using the tips we suggested here on an earlier post.
  • Confirm if there are any existing warranties that will protect you as a consumer if these products are not authentic.

Have you ever had issues with fake auto parts? How did you resolve it?