Five Mobile Marketing Tactics

Mobile marketing is here to stay. Whether it’s via SMS or Mobile app marketing, forward thinking companies are employing creative strategies to target their customers. In countries like Nigeria, telecom companies bombard your phone with text messages that may or may not be relevant to the customer. They are just at the stage of their marketing where they have phone numbers, they have heard mobile marketing works and want to jump on the train and do it anyway. Most of the time it is not executed properly and it ends up being a pain for the customers that are receiving them. This post will break down five mobile marketing tactics that would guarantee you a successful campaign.

Mobile Marketing Tactics

Simplicity goes a long way

Yes, it is true that a large percentage of consumers are more likely to open your text message than read your email, and that they are likely to open it within the first three minutes of receiving it by text. Yet the speed of opening your message does not compare to its readability. As quickly as they open it may be the same speed they would use to close it and possibly delete that message. It is therefore important for you as a company to not only simplify your message, but hit the nail on the head with it. The shorter and more insightful the message is, the higher the likelihood of the campaign success.

Speak the consumers language

Depending on how you obtained these phone numbers in the first place, there should be some context to the message you are trying to communicate to the consumers. If you ran a Sproxil Champion Campaign, for customers that purchased your products in a text and win promo, you know those consumers are interested in that line of product. For example, if it was a “text and win” promo for diapers, you know the consumer just had a baby or has had one for a few months. That consumer is interested in all the baby information they can get their hands on at that point in time. Crafting an SMS marketing campaign after the promo is over to send out useful baby information to the customer builds a stronger brand connection for the consumer. Speaking their language without overly promoting yourself in the first instance is the recipe to a creating customers with a strong life time value.

Include Call To Action

Any campaign without a call to action is almost as good as not running the campaign at all. Yes you are guaranteed the delivery of the messages, but how will you know if your customers read it? It also fair to say that not all customers that read your text click on the call to action link. It is however a good way to track the success of your campaign given that you did everything else right.

Link to other media

A campaign that can transcend the medium in which it originally was received can clearly be termed a successful one. If you have other channels that could use consumer engagement then why not target them through SMS initially and have them cross over. It helps your brand stay top of mind for your consumer if you are regularly active on those channels you are driving traffic to.

Customer Service

Depending on how large or small your customer service department is, what better way to personalize your service offering to your customer. If your department is large enough to handle the queries, then by all means promote your customer support offerings through SMS. It helps customers get a faster response to their queries and it reinforces a positive experience in their minds about your brand.

Mobile marketing can be intrusive and complicated if not done right. Equipped with the above tactics, your company can take on any mobile marketing campaign they may desire to run in the nearest future. If your company is looking for a company to handle this for them, check out our Sproxil Champion product and we would be happy to discuss this with you.