Health Innovation Round Up: May

Smart Pill BottleThis is medical innovation at its finest: the smart pill bottle. Several solutions to poor medication adherence have been limited in their success. Thanks to technology, we now have a smart pill bottle that can improve and track adherence by sending timely reminders to patients. The bottle is synced with the patient's phone and sends automated text messages or a recorded phone message reminder when their medicine has not been taken. The bottle also glows red and beeps to remind patients to take their medicine. Read More about the smart pill bottle here



Socks for Diabetes Patients Wearable tech is all the rave in the healthcare industry these days and for great reasons. Several tech companies are focused on developing interesting ways to address problem areas in healthcare. One example is a pair of socks for Diabetes patients. Due to the nature of Diabetes, patients have experienced losing the ability to feel things on their feet or sense disruptions in their nervous system. Now, an innovative pair of socks can alerts patients when too much pressure is applied to a particular part of the foot, prompting them to change positions. Read more about the socks that prevents Diabetes-related damage.

Image Source : Health Tech Insider

Contacts for Diabetes Patients While this innovation is yet to hit the mainstream market, it promises to provide a great solution for Diabetic patients. By wearing a special pair of contact lenses that are synced to a smart phone, patients and their health care providers are able to monitor the patient's glucose levels in real time. Once the glucose level is nearing it's threshold, both the patient and her doctor are alerted. The patient is made more aware of her current state and can take action to get her glucose back to normal levels.

Image Source: Health Tech Insider