What is Track and Trace?

Think about the last time you ordered something to be shipped to you. Most times you received a tracking number, allowing you to see exactly where your shipment is at every stage of its journey. This insight not only gives you a better understanding of the logistics process for your package, it also allows you to feel more in control of the situation. The same concept can be applied for businesses.A track and trace system allows you to determine the current and past locations of products as they move down the supply chain. With serialization, each shipment is an identifiable unit that one can follow throughout its course and see its history. A unique identifier, which you can think of as a tracking number, is associated with each product or batch and can take a variety of formats including bar code, QR code, data matrix, or text. Through this unique identification system, track and trace allows businesses to have oversight and transparency across their supply chain, helping prevent product compromise, theft, insertion of fake products amongst the genuine versions, and other consumer or business-impacting problems.

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For some sectors, like the pharmaceutical industry, implementing a track and trace solution is a requirement. However, aside from compliance, having proper supply chain oversight through a track and trace system allows a business to:

  • identify when product theft occurs
  • identify when products or shipments get compromised, due to environmental changes, damage, or by malicious intent (such as someone placing counterfeit versions
  • obtain data that can help make distribution protocols stronger and more efficient
  • be more proactive about addressing performance issues such as delays
  • improve profit by reducing loss and optimizing processes
  • ensure the safety and quality of products delivered, even facilitating rapid product recalls if needed

Track and trace systems can also be integrated with a consumer-facing product verification tool, which allows manufacturers and distributors to get insight on product demand, purchasing trends, and even individual behavior.

Product Delivery process

With Sproxil's track and trace system, only trusted, authorized agents can verify products at specific checkpoints using a variety of devices including scanners, customized mobile apps, or other communication equipment. The data from the verifications is displayed in a proprietary, web-based data visualization portal, allowing for real-time supply chain oversight and data analysis. The system can be easily streamlined into any current supply chain systems, from the straight-forward, local supply chain to complex, multi-national distribution.

If you would like to know more about creative ways to implement a track and trace system into your current supply chain, send us an email at team@sproxil.com

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