Partnering to Combat Malaria

We at Sproxil recently hosted a very informative webinar with Malaria No More and Bliss GVS on the 22nd of April 2015. The theme of our webinar was partnering to combat malaria. We discussed how key players in the malaria control space are achieving progress and making an impact. We also discussed existing creative solutions and learned from a manufacturing company about a unique case they had on dealing with a counterfeiting problem for their anti-malarial drug. We also discussed the importance of strategic partnerships in eradicating Malaria. Some of the key highlights from each speaker are as below:Martin Edlund- CEO Malaria No More

  • Increase in global funding has seen declining Malaria mortality rate.
  • There is a 58% decline rate of Child deaths in Africa due to Malaria.
  • There are a vast number of people living in these communities with malaria prevalence that do not show symptoms but may have the parasite present in their system.
  • A hypersensitive rapid diagnostic test is being developed and refined which helps to identify low levels of malaria parasite.
  • More funding is needed to push this initiative forward.
  • Malaria is building resistance to existing drugs due to their substandard or counterfeit nature.
  • Mobile is revolutionizing the process of malaria control.
  • Malaria is one of the first diseases that is being combatted with mobile solutions through the use of services like Sproxil.
  • Partnership with Malaria No More and Sproxil has been beneficial in gaining insights to eradicate the disease.

Ashifi Gogo - CEO Sproxil

  • Counterfeit drugs boost malaria resistance
  • If we eradicate malaria, we reduce the demand for drugs and eliminate the supply of fake drugs.
  • 97% people living in Nigeria are at risk constantly in getting malaria.
  • Annually ~100m malaria cases, 300,000 deaths.
  • NAFDAC (Nigerian FDA) requires consumer verifiable anti-malarial drugs.
  • Sproxil tracks malaria seasonality and is able to offer pharmaceutical companies insights on data for increased anti-malarial drugs purchase.
  • Sproxil is the anti-virus solution for anti-malarial drugs protection.
  • Recipe for malaria control success? Strong partnerships.

Chandni Thakkar Senior executive, International Business Development Bliss GVS

  • Anti Malaria drugs are one of the most counterfeited drugs in Africa.
  • 85% of malaria deaths occur in Children under five years of age in Africa.
  • Past anti-counterfeiting solution like 3D Hologram was introduced which failed to meet the desired results for Bliss GVS.
  • Partnered with Sproxil 5 years ago.
  • 648,339 - The number of consumers reached in the first 18 months of launching the MAS(Mobile authentication service) with Sproxil.
  • Sproxil + Bliss GVS partnership helped intercept a stolen anti-malarial product in the supply chain.

The key takeaway from the webinar was the importance of partnerships. Whether it involved governmental organizations or private institutions, the Public Private partnership in malaria control is a key element. Organizations need to find a way to work with regulatory bodies, NGO's and other key stakeholders as long as there is a common goal which in this case is, "Eradicating malaria."

We are thrilled that we hosted this webinar to inspire organizations to start thinking of strategic partnerships to form that will benefit their organizations. If you attended, we hope you enjoyed it. If you did not, you can download the webinar slides from here

You can also watch the webinar video here


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