Health Innovation Round Up April

We are beginning a new series on the blog called the "Health Innovation Round Up" where we post 5 links every month to interesting innovations that we discovered in the health space. The purpose of this series is to inspire other entrepreneurs in the health industry or would like to enter the health industry to learn about the current innovative solutions that exist in the market today. Perhaps even help these new innovations find great partners through our blog posts. Please share these posts with your network and comment if you have any interesting innovative solutions not listed on our post and we would feature it on the next round-up post we do. Here is our first list:Symphony® CGM System

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This is a needle-free glucose monitoring system for diabetic patients. Echo Therapeutics in Philadelphia has begun developing technologies that would replace the painful process of pricking your finger with using a patch instead. "Symphony is being designed to provide reliable, continuous blood glucose data in order to improve patient monitoring of blood glucose to allow for better overall clinical outcomes for patients in hospital critical care units and, subsequently, for people with diabetes."

For more information on how this needle-free device works, check out their website

Whatsapp for Ebola

"The BBC World Service is launching a WhatsApp service in West Africa to give users of the chat app more information about the Ebola virus. The service will deliver information on preventative care, health tips and breaking news bulletins specific to the region about the virus in French and English, and often in audio formats." This is a great initiative considering there is a high mobile penetration at the moment in West Africa. This is especially beneficial to help them reach people in remote area and provide the right information to them. Read More

 Wutuband for the Elderly

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This smart wristband was designed to help simplify the lives of elderly people in the society. The wristband takes multiple actions and simplifies them in an intuitive interface. "The elderly population is significantly growing and is a big potential market for smart products. Our reference device incorporates simple interaction design with digital services. It is minimally designed, friendly and interactive, offering a rich and rewarding user experience. The design is intuitive and has been developed with today’s active and independent elderly people in mind." Learn more about this interactive wristband on their website


3D printing has been gaining a lot of traction within the medical industry these days and Organovo is one of the companies tapping into this space with their bio printers that print internal body parts like organs and vessels.This 3D bio-printers have an intuitive software that enables engineers construct a model of the body tissues even before the printer begins producing the physical version of the vessel or organ. Read more about their technology here.


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The Medisafe app and its cloud-synced database enables friends and family help a loved one who needs medical care. The app enables friends and families facilitate medication adherence remotely so their loved ones either young or elderly can stay on top of their meds as necessary. In one of our blog posts, we talked about how medical adherence was a huge costly problem, this app helps eradicate this problem. Read More about this great app

Here at Sproxil, we are excited to see the strides in the health innovation space being players in the industry, it is important we highlight the efforts others are making to improve the healthcare industry. This fosters more collaboration within the industry and enables feasible scaling which improves the lives of others.