How Does Sproxil Create Value?

Sproxil was founded in 2009 with a mission to empower consumers to combat drug counterfeiting with a simple text message. We first launched our award-winning Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) technology in Nigeria to help patients avoid dangerous fake medicine at point of sale, becoming Africa's first mobile-based product verification service.

Market presence

From the overwhelming success of our pilot, we realized the strong demand for our technology. We now have operations in the U.S. (our headquarters), India, Pakistan, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, with presence in Mexico. We can even execute projects across six major continents through our global service, which utilizes a globally accessible phone number, mobile app, and web app to deliver services to markets where we do not yet have physical presence.

sproxil expansion plan

Industry presence

Following our success in the pharmaceutical industry, we also expanded our services to protect products across various industries such as FMCG, automotive, agribusiness, beauty, cosmetics and personal care, electrical, food, chemical, oil and gas, home goods and more. But, the fight against counterfeit medicine is not over: we still maintain a strong focus on helping patients avoid dangerous, counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

How it works

We partner directly with legitimate manufacturers and distributors to apply a special security label with a scratch-off panel to each product. At point of purchase, consumers will find the security label and scratch off the panel to reveal a unique, single-use code, which they then SMS text to us. Our cloud-based technology processes the code and returns a response confirming that the product is genuine or warning that it is suspicious. Consumers can also access the service through a mobile app (available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry), web app (, or by calling the company’s local 24/7 call centre (which supports major local languages).


How does Sproxil add value to the consumer?

  • It empowers consumers: it provides consumers with a sense of security and trust when making purchase decisions about a product.
  • Consumers can avoid wasting time and money and risking their wellbeing on substandard fakes. There are many examples that illustrate fake products are simply a bad investment: fake automotive parts can lead to malfunctioning cars, which lead to more unnecessary costs and high risk of hurting passengers or the vehicle. Fake drugs can worsen a patient's health. (We have a good example on the effects of counterfeit Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis drugs in one of our posts here). Fake, substandard electrical cables are a fire risk. The reasons are endless
  • It enables consumers to take an active role in the fight against counterfeit products by providing information to brand owners that can help them identify areas where counterfeiting or product theft may be present
  • It creates a channel for consumers and brands to communicate. Finally, consumers can have a way to provide feedback to brands so that brands can deliver better services and products back to loyal customers

How does Sproxil add value to your business?

  • It can increase sales and regain market share once lost to counterfeiters
  • Businesses can obtain detailed insight from data collected, thereby giving brands a better understanding of consumers in cash-based markets where few data exists
  • It creates a channel for consumers and brands to communicate important information, including supporting medical adherence efforts. From consumer feedback, brands can improve their service and product delivery to meet the ever changing needs of their loyal customers
  • They can boost their brand's reputation by deploying loyalty campaigns and rewarding customer purchasing
  • They can source information from consumers about suspicious counterfeiting or theft activity
  • They can save their brand and restore consumer's trust

How sproxil provides business value

How does Sproxil add value to government?

  • With the client's consent, Sproxil can provide the government with information that could help them track down the counterfeiters and thieves
  • The government can save time and resources tracking down criminal activity using consumer-sourced leads
  • Sproxil and its clients can assist government with public awareness campaigns and consumer education efforts

By using Sproxil, all stakeholders profit. If your organization is looking for an easy way to integrate comprehensive, consumer-driven brand protection solution, contact us.