Kenya's PCPB and AAK launch with Juanco and Sproxil to protect farmers

As a part of the greater anti-counterfeiting efforts by Kenya's PCPB and AAK, Sproxil Kenya partner Juanco SPS officially launches a consumer-facing project that safeguards their top-notch pesticide Bestox 100EC with our award-winning Mobile Product Authentication (MPA) technology. By helping farmers get assurance that their pesticides are the original product, they can protect their crops and their livelihood.The solution soft-launched recently with over 3,000 farmers already using it to verify their Juanco products.

The official launch event, which takes place today, includes esteemed attendees such as the Cabinet Secretary of Agriculture.

Thank you to the organizers and attendees of the event. We look forward to many more successes in the Kenyan market and beyond!

juanco sproxil partnership

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