Fight the Fakes in India

### UPDATE 2014-11-15 ###Rat poison  (zinc phosphide) found in counterfeit antibiotic Ciprocin, linked to at least 15 India sterilization deaths.


(original post 2014-11-13)

Every story about the negative impact of counterfeit drugs further confirms the increasingly urgent need to address the global issue.

Recently, thirteen women in India had died after sterilization surgery at a family planning camp, possibly due to tainted or substandard drugs. While full investigations pertaining to the incident and the drugs are still underway, the story highlights the serious and fatal impact that counterfeit drug use could play.

Education on dangerous counterfeit drugs is just one of the many critical steps needed to support consumer safety efforts. To further our commitment to education, we joined Fight the Fakes campaign to help raise awareness so that we can protect patients from unnecessary tragedy.

Now it is your turn: Equip yourself with knowledge; learn about why it's important for policy makers, doctors, health care professionals, media, and patients to raise up arms against the global threat. Learn more about Sproxil's tool to combat counterfeiting - Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) - by reading about SMS verification and its impact.

From government to manufacturer to consumer, combatting fake drugs is everyone's fight.