More options to verify and connect!

MORE WAYS TO VERIFYWe at Sproxil are just like everyone else: we love the ability to choose from a variety of options. That's why we've created even more ways for consumers to verify their products instantly at point of purchase.

Introducing our Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) app on Android and our web verification app on our website! Now consumers can text, call, go online, or use our app to verify the authenticity of their products and engage in the growing number of MPA-based loyalty programs offered by our clients.

 Our Android app allows consumers to text the PIN to verify their products or - where available - scan the 2D matrix. We also have a ton of exciting app features on our roadmap that we just can't wait to reveal!

You can download the app for free at

Ourweb verification app allows consumers to verify their product using any web browser: mobile or desktop. We even created a nifty animated GIF to show you where to scratch and input the code.


We just created a Pinterest and Instagram for Sproxil! Through our social media channels, we're going to start really upping the interactive ante by posting fun mini-games and contests. We also love sharing great content, so you'll definitely see some of that too.

While we work on that, we're starting to build followings on our budding Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

Follow us for some upcoming fun and games!