Press Release: Sproxil Joins The World Customs Organization’s IPM Connected Global Network In the Fight Against Counterfeiting


Sproxil Joins The World Customs Organization’s IPM Connected Global Network In the Fight Against Counterfeiting

Cambridge, MA (January 30, 2014) – Sproxil®, a leading provider of world-class brand protection, has joined the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) IPM global network of track & trace and authentication solutions. The IPM Network is the WCO’s online tool to combat counterfeiting – it enables right holders faced with counterfeiting of their brands, to exchange information in real-time with field Customs officers.

The IPM Network integrates two major technical developments: a mobile version and the opportunity to interface IPM with authentication and/or traceability solutions companies. Using a mobile device, field Customs officers can instantly verify a product’s authenticity simply by scanning the barcode or other track and trace method to automatically launch the authentication application.

By joining the WCO’s global network of solutions, Sproxil is now officially IPM Connected and is working with the WCO in its on-going effort to combat illicit trade and the growing threat it poses to our society and economy. The WCO encourages all databases, sources of information, authentication or traceability solutions which could help Customs officers in their fight against counterfeiting to interface with IPM and become IPM Connected.

“We’re proud to join the WCO’s IPM network. The partnership enables Sproxil clients to share and leverage information from the IPM network to detect potential counterfeit attacks on their brands and products. This is a tremendous benefit – first and foremost, it makes products safer for consumers but it also helps organizations protect their brands and products,” states Sproxil CEO & Founder Dr. Ashifi Gogo. “As a leading solution provider, we feel it’s important to be an active member in the anti-counterfeiting community and provide the most comprehensive tools to our clients. The WCO’s IPM Network is a leader on the global stage in the battle against counterfeiting; we are pleased to be an active part of such an innovative, prestigious constituency.”

Sproxil’s Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) technology has been used more than seven million times to verify that products are genuine. Leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck Serono, IPCA as well as regulatory organizations in the emerging markets of Africa and India have been leveraging Sproxil’s MPA solution to protect consumers from taking potentially harmful counterfeit and substandard medications since the company launched in 2009. The MPA solution can be used to verify any tangible item, and Sproxil’s solution is currently being implemented and used for products across multiple industries including skin care, supplements and vitamins, electrical cabling, automotive and motorcycle parts and agro-business, to name a few.

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