Sproxil Participates in the ACC/INTA-ACC Roundtable Event

The Anti-counterfeiting Collaboration, Nigeria (ACC), a non-profit anti-counterfeiting organization, and the International Trademarks Association (INTA) hosted the 2011 ACC/INTA-ACC Roundtable in Lagos, Nigeria on October 24th, 2011. Sproxil was fortunate to attend the event, which focused on issues concerning intellectual property of brand owners, anti-counterfeiting policies, and law enforcement.Additionally, the event explored various anti-counterfeiting measures available to brand owners, who, with the assistance of increased government intervention and vigilant consumers, can successfully protect intellectual property and eradicate piracy.

This event was an important reminder that it is only through proactive collaboration of multiple parties - from government to brand owners to consumers - that we can effectively fight against anti-counterfeiting.



According to Aluko & Oyebode, past ACC/INTA-ACC workshops emphasized the importance of public awareness of counterfeiting - a concept wholeheartedly promoted and reinforced by Sproxil.