Changes to Sproxil's Board of Advisors

Sproxil is pleased to welcome Paul W. Chang to our Board of Advisors. Our official announcement is here. Paul is the Global Business Strategy Lead, Emerging Technologies for IBM Software Group. We are extremely excited to have Paul contribute to our team as he brings more than 20 years of experience in technology and market development including significant work on global supply chain issues, RFID, pharma, biotech and optical network technologies. Paul deeply understands the issues surrounding counterfeit medicines and recently appeared in a series of IBM ads that promote the use of drug serialization as a means to combat the counterfeiting of medicines including this one.[youtube]

We also want to thank Joseph Steig for his work on our Board of Advisors. Joseph, Director of Venture Well and CFO at Long River Ventures, focuses on helping early stage companies, especially with a financial view toward securing funding. His contributions helped Sproxil to close our Series A financing round with Acumen Fund.  With his term on our Board of Advisors now completed, Joseph will continue to work with other ventures to help them achieve the same successes as Sproxil.