Sproxil gets Honorable Mention at IBM SmartCamp Global Entrepreneurship Awards

After a fantastic week in Ireland, we are glad to announce that we received one of the two honorable mentions at IBM's Global SmartCamp finals. IBM's corporate strategy to identify startups that are making the planet smarter is rather inspiring, shedding light on some problems largely unknown being solved with intelligent, instrumented and interconnected systems.In a smarter planet:

  • Loggers will only cut trees they need to fulfill an order. Instead of storing felled trees over large areas of land, they can store their logs as living trees, know exactly which trees will give them the optimal number of planks (of the right dimensions) and cut the trees just in time, not "just in case". [TreeMetrics]
  • We'll all be able to get a parking space in no time and know that there's a free parking spot 3 blocks away. If you are a city official, your parking enforcement staff will be able to give out parking tickets right as the meter expires, with pinpoint GPS accuracy, bringing in more revenue for the state. [Streetline]
  • Medical record software will look as great as iPad applications and healthcare professions will have more timely information to make better diagnoses. Doctors can also benefit from social networks to share information securely and reduce the costs of healthcare. [CareCloud]
  • Scientist will spend fewer frustrating hours locating the numerous images they have taken. CTRL+F may be put on life support. [VisioHost]
  • We still need oil & gas to drive today's economies. More accurate seismic measurements using a network of portable, smart sensors smaller than a shoebox will help minimize the economic impact of oil exploration and smoothen our transition to a green economy. [World Sensing]
  • You'll know if your tap water is any good even before a drop gets to your house. [Predect]
  • Care to challenge your energy company when you get suspiciously large bills, similar to what you can do with credit card statements or cell phone bills? Matchbox-sized self-powered snap on sensors will measure every bolt of electricity you use, and will bring transparency to utility bills by itemizing electricity bills. [Panoramic Power]
  • "Knock and listen" is a dinosaur-era way of finding out how much stuff is left in a tank. You'll never have to use a stick to judge how much oil/feedstock/coolant you have left in a container - you'll be able to optimize deliveries, minimizing waste. [LindCom]

And lastly, you'll be smarter than a counterfeiter. [Sproxil]

Congratulations to Streetline (global winners) and all the regional winners for making this world smarter. Everyone benefits on a smarter planet.