Anti-counterfeiting systems – the need of the hour

Are you wondering whether the drugs you have just picked up from your local pharmacy will kill you, save your life, or make your disease drug resistant? Counterfeiting is a common problem and is a cause for serious concern. What if you could read a code on a panel on a drug package, send a simple text message containing that package’s unique code, and get back a message that the drugs were authentic and safe or fake to use? Does it sound like a vision of the future? Well it isn’t. It’s already here today. After successfully completing an initial test from February to May, Sproxil's Mobile Product Authentication TM (MPA) is now in full release in Nigeria and has already received interest from a number of other countries.MPA is an anti-counterfeiting system that allows you to test your drugs when you buy them. MPA uses simple methods to conquer a difficult problem. You do not need to buy or own any specialized device or equipment to check a drug. The solution provides automatic protection against counterfeiters. It is a quick, easy and effective way to discover whether drugs are real or fake. It is a very reliable service and doesn't need any maintenance, calibration or regular testing like devices.

One of the greatest benefits of Sproxil's anti-counterfeiting system is that it can be used by consumers without any technical hassles. The end user can make use of this opportunity to safeguard himself from the potential dangerous effects of fake drugs. Sproxil's solution benefits governments, drug regulators and law enforcers, industry and professionals, foreign donors, foundations, and especially consumers. Everyone wins, except for the counterfeiters that is.