Unite For Sight features Sproxil in Case Study

Sproxil has just been recognized by Unite For Sight, a leading NGO that has provided high-quality eye care to 1,000,000 medically underserved persons so far. To the admiration of many, Unite For Sight has far exceeded its original goal of bringing affordable healthcare to deprived communities, and now shares its experience on how to make significant impact in Global Health with the next generation of social impact drivers. We hold their work in high regard, that's why we decided to participate in their annual Global Health/Innovate conference last quarter.As part of their programs, Unite For Sight operates a Global Health University with many resources available through their website for free. Unite For Sight's Global Health University prepares young and bright minds towards making an impact in society by addressing healthcare concerns. With the appropriate support ecosystem, such passionate change drivers can become tomorrow's global leaders. If you take a look at the Clinic Challenges in Resource-Poor Settings Online Course you will see the Sproxil case study.

We continue to work with highly reputable independent organizations to assess our impact and we'll keep you posted - we've got some good stuff coming this quarter.