Vanguard: NAFDAC intercepts fake drugs worth N600m (USD 4m)

NAFDAC has just disclosed that it has located USD 4m in fake drugs destined for Nigeria. This is a big win for Nigeria. The seven trucks loaded with fake medication have been prevented from entering the Nigerian market. In addition to the use of technology to find counterfeits, NAFDAC is also using best practices from the security/intelligence community, as revealed in the Vanguard article. We can also attest to this based on our interactions with NAFDAC.

We keep stressing that technology is an efficiency multiplier. An organization that doesn't have skilled staff, strong leadership and a focused mission may not gain maximal value from the use of technology. It's great to see that NAFDAC is proving this point by adopting existing strategies in the intelligence community while enhancing its anti-counterfeiting practices with a portfolio of technologies deployed at different levels in the supply chain. The results are clear.